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zaure's reign duology (young adult)

Samantha Shaye - YA High Fantasy Authorhe Fall of Ahilon copy.jpg

Forced to flee her kingdom, an Elvish princess prepares to return and reclaim her birthright with magic, blood, and steel.

When the Elvish kingdom of Ahilon is attacked, Princess Zaure Rhistel—the sole heir—is forced to flee. Her mother always told her when there is war prepare for death, but she didn’t listen. Now, she finds herself woefully unprepared for the challenges ahead.

Until she meets Torin, a spellcaster who has vowed to protect her. As Zaure travels with Torin, using her handmaiden’s name as an alias, two more heroes join their circle: Cagdas, a warrior from Zaure's kingdom who was sent to aid her, and Alrik, a bard who has seen too many of the world's evils.

Zaure has no choice but to trust and let the others in, as she will need their help pursuing the powerful enemy that has destroyed her kingdom.

The key to saving Ahilon is closer than she knows. Finding it is going to prove difficult. With the fate of her people in her hands, she will stop at nothing to save them.

Even if it means sacrificing herself.

Wrath of Zaure With Sword and Small Castle.jpg

Revenge is best served on a steel tip dipped in anger, fire, and contempt.

Princess Zaure Rhistel has returned to Ahilon only to find her land divided between her supporters and doubters. She refuses to let anyone get the best of her. The fate of Ahilon and all of Keiyora is in her hands, but she will rise above those who believe her incapable of saving her kingdom.

Only a fraction of Iafrela's army is at her command, yet she is still determined to march on King Hy'vot's land to rescue those he has captured. She knows it's a hard task but she and her army are willing to do all it takes as they hope to gain more allies along the way. 

When she arrives on his shores, nothing is what it seems.

With the Exalted Warrior Cagdas, Spell Caster Torin, and seer Alrik at the forefront of battle with her, Zaure will bring King Hy'vot's reign to an end. 

See how it unfolds in this gripping conclusion to the Zaure's Reign duet.

the cursed kingdom trilogy (new adult)

One tragic death. Two kingdoms. Three powerful women bound together by secrets, lies, and betrayal.

Long ago, magick filled the land of Dramolux but one sorceress delved too deep into dark sorcery and tainted the magickal creatures inhabiting the land. In an effort to save all creatures, a noble sentinel locked the dark powers away and separated Dramolux from the rest of the world. For generations, the dark magick was controlled, passed down to those who ruled the Sentinel kingdom, Treoles. Find out what happens when that magick gets released into a world that hasn't forgotten its power. 

Note: This series is only labeled New Adult because of character ages and dark magic. There is no spice, limited violence, and no foul language.

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