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The Characters Won't Stop Talking!

I had a crazy dream this past weekend that I wanted to share with you all, mainly because I added it to my "Works In Progress" Excel document (I know, I know but YES it's such a large list, I need an Excel document to keep it straight). The dream went like this: There were two human girls who were brought into a fantasy realm. It turned out that one of the girls is a missing princess. She was supposed to marry the prince of Basilikah. Her life and memories come back to her the longer she is there and she starts to remember that she is in love with the prince. However, she finds out the prince is engaged to (GET THIS!) the other girl she is with! When she finds out, she decides to run away and go back to her life out of this fantasy realm (please don't go!) but she blacks out when she tries. She wakes up the next morning with a mark on her hand (not sure how it got there or why) and the prince next to her. He explains that the mark on her hand is a soulmate mark (LAME! I know, I'll come up with a better name for it--and no, this is not some weird impression thing, okay? This is a legitimate mark! Imagine a mark appearing on your skin when you meet your soulmate! Man, that would save a lot of us heartbreak!). The dream kind of ended there but you bet your bottom dollar I already started writing the book! I am so excited to get this out there for all of you to read!

I bet you're asking: So Aimee, what's going to happen to The Dead Daughter now that you have a new novel idea? Well, The Dead Daughter has about 15K words and is well on its way to being ready for my editors (my parents-in-law) by the end of August! So don't worry! Oh! And did I mention that you amazing readers got The Dead Daughter up to 33 pre-orders (3 more pre-orders than The Broken Daughter in 1/4 the time it took The Broken Daughter to get to 30!) If you're thinking to yourself: Well, I didn't pre-order yet, what are you waiting for?! There's an awesome gift to collect when you do! You can find the link and instructions to claiming your FREE gift on the HOME page!

In other news, I am going to add a segment to the blog titled Reviews from the Writing Cave. I love to read and leave reviews for the books that I read and I thought it would be awesome to share those books with you! Whenever I finish a book, I will write up (or record) a book review and post it to the blog and my Facebook pages. The best part is that you can help me choose the books!

Head on over to my Facebook page ( and vote for the next book I read on the PINNED POLL! I can't wait to start making more content for you all!

Be Kind and remember: Reality Bites. Fantasize Instead.

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