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Thank You!

We had the most successful release weekend of my writing career so far! So far, we have raised $101 for the American Cancer Society!

Of Shadows and Crows has peaked in the rankings in the US, UK, Spain, and Canada! You can view the highest rankings on.

Facebook Some readers have asked: why American Cancer Society? Well, here’s why:

This year, so many people in my inner circle have been diagnosed with cancer or have known someone who has been diagnosed. Some have lost their battle and others have successfully underwent surgeries and are now in remission. This is my way of thanking the American Cancer Society for the research that has been saving lives.

Orange banners, rankings, letters…none of these matter to me, even though it is fun to report on them. What does matter to me is being able to give back and those of you who have pre-ordered and ordered Of Shadows and Crows have helped me do that!

If you haven’t ordered it yet, Of Shadows and Crows is available on multiple sites including Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, and Nook.

You can purchase it by clicking this one stop link.

You can also request signed copies (paperback and hardcover) here.

There is also a massive giveaway!

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