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Shadows of Blood a short story in the Blood Sport (A Vampire Anthology by Fiction-Atlas Press)

Shadows of Blood is just one of 11 amazing vampire stories in the Blood Sport anthology by Fiction Atlas Press! All proceeds from this amazing project will be going to The International Red Cross Judgement Day awaits us all. But nothing hurts more than being convicted of a crime you didn't commit.

Decimus Vanholsen was once a General under the Roman Emperor, Augustus. He had it all: the title, the riches and was even given the hand of the Queen Prichasa—the most powerful vampire race. But when his wife turns up dead, heads turn towards Decimus as he was last seen coming from the palace. Now, Decimus has been sentenced to life as a silhouette—a noncorporeal being who is forced to live life as a wanderer between worlds. His only chance at life: proof that he wasn’t the one who murdered his wife.

Will Decimus be saved or will he live a life of complete solitude?

Find out in Shadows of Blood.

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