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Of Shadows and Crows (The Blood Assassins Book 1)

Cover Design: Matthew Picinich/Sentinel Designs Sentinel Designs

Flatlay: @theimageapothecary

Available for Pre-Order!

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Bria Allen is not the ordinary vampire. In fact, she’s a Sister for the Assembly of Shadows, a coven of vampire assassins who hunt rogue vampires and leave the crows to feast on their dead bodies. To be a Sister is a birthright and to be an Elite assassin is a legacy, one that Bria has wanted since she was a child. Until one day, she discovers the truth.

The Assembly of Shadows isn’t what it seems.

Sava Herstoj, High Priest of the Assembly of Shadows, is the real rogue vampire. He has been plaguing the minds of blood suckers for years, trying to create a super, destructive race of monsters.

Bria must face her biggest fears: standing up to Sava Herstoj and bringing shame to her family or keeping her secrets to herself. No matter which one she chooses, everyone has something to lose.

Find out what happens in Of Shadows and Crows (The Blood Assassin Book 1)

🩸Free Gift With Purchase🩸

EVERYONE who pre-orders between February 20 and September 17, 2021 will receive:

Signed Bookmarks of the Assembly’s Creed

Signed Character Cards (to be revealed)

Just send the receipt of purchase to




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