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OCtober Day Six: Luxury

There was nothing. Absolutely nothing. Every nook and cranny she had them stored in was empty. Cobwebs and dust were everywhere. What the hell did he do?! I asked him to keep them secure! 

“Lelcin!” Dimia’s voice raged from her deep within her. After being met with silence after several moments, she screamed for her good-for-nothing brother again only to be met with more of the same silence.

“Ygit!!” She hoped one of the useless men had an answer for where the hell her jewels were. She specifically asked them to keep them within the palace in safe places only she and them would know about. Why then, weren’t the jewels in their rightful places? 

“Y-your b-brothers are…” the male guard swallowed audibly as Dimia rolled her eyes and turned on him then grabbed him by the throat.

“Are not what?” she growled, her nostrils flaring.

“H-h-ere,” the man gasped, his feet dangling above the ground. 

She released her grasp and let the man fall into a heap on the floor. “Where are they, Renauld?” 

Renauld quickly came to his feet and looked at the ground he stood on which displeased Dimia a great deal. She would’ve killed  him where he stood but she had to keep herself composed. Now was not the time to let her anger and frustration get the best of her.

“Y-you s-sent t-t-hem t-t-to a…” The man let his voice trail off as he swallowed. As he did so, Dimia felt her anger disappearing. In her fit of rage, she forgot how Renauld suffered from a stutter since birth and was the only guard she could truly rely on. She hadn’t meant to yell at him and treat him such. She was just so...frustrated lately and she didn’t understand why.


“Another kingdom, yes.” She threw her head back in exasperation and washed her hands over her face. “My apologies, Renauld. Please, take the rest of the day off.”

The man bowed to her and just as he turned to leave, he turned back around. “M-m-may I say s-s-someth-ing my qu-qu-queen?”

Dimia sat on a crate behind her but not before wiping the dust off with her hands and shaking them free of the debris. She crossed one leg over the other. “What is it?” 

“Th-th-there h-h-has b-b-b-een t-talk. L-l-lel-Lecin can-can-cannot be t-t-t-rusted.”

Dimia’s hair raised on the back of her neck and her body went rigid, her heart pounded. Renauld was not the first to warn her of this. Her grandfather had said the same. At first, she wasn’t sure how to take this news but after what she just did to him, she knew he wouldn’t take the chance of telling her while she was enraged.

If she couldn’t have the luxury of her jewels, she would definitely have the luxury of killing the brother she truly believed cared about her

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