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OCtober Day Seven: Cliff

The ocean whooshed and hummed as each wave rushed to shore and dragged shells, sand, and his memories out with it. One wave climbed over and tackled another and where one ended and another began, he was no longer certain. What he was certain of: this was not the time nor the place he wanted to spend the rest of his life. He didn’t belong here and yet he was stuck here. There was no going back. Time travel did not exist, even in his world. 

At the very least, he had this. It wasn’t perfect but it was close and it reminded him of home. Even if it wasn’t the same Greece he remembered from his childhood, there were still pieces of that ancient life which remained the same. 


Like her voice. It was an accent unlike the modern Greek one, softer and more song-like, but then again, so was her language. The language of the Gods, he called it. Of the ancient world. A land forgotten, a memory erased. Because of course it would be. 

No one remembered Greece and how it was before. When it was thriving. When Atlantis was its heart and soul. And how could they? Everything housing their history had been erased. Buried. Burned. Drown. Nothing but dust.


He swallowed hard, not wanting to turn around. He knew what she was going to say. He had been here too long and Zeus was not going to be happy about it. 

“I’m going,” he whispered, still staring out ahead of him from the cliff. 

Her footsteps crushed pebbles beneath her feet as she closed the distance between them. “Actually, father would like a word.” 

Davos turned around, fear gnawing at him. If Zeus wanted to talk with him, nothing good could come of it. The last time he had been on Mt. Olympus, the man wanted him dead. 

“I know what you’re thinking…”

“Artemis, don’t.” A tick started in his jaw. As much as he respected the goddess of the hunt, moon, and childbirth, he didn’t want to hear the rest of her sentence. He knew she was going to stick up for her father. After all, she was his favorite.

“Actually, I was not going to defend him. Instead, I was going to inform you that he received the grave news and wants to extend his allegiance to you and the Seven Sons. If you will allow him, of course.” 

He definitely wasn’t expecting that, nor did he know how to react. If Zeus was willing to aid them in this battle against his twin brother, then this whole ordeal was worse than he thought. He had no choice but to bow before the god of life and the sky. 

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