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OCtober Day 2: Mercy

Aymeri sank into her bed and buried her face in her hands. First her mother’s death, then finding her imprisoned sister, and now this. Whatever this was. A thousand voices screamed at her from everywhere and yet nowhere. She knew they were inside her head, but she didn’t know what they wanted. There were some she could decipher and others that she could not. She knew the voices all belonged to her and that was why it caused her so much misery. What on earth was she trying to tell herself? It seemed as if there were certain voices that would come forward and others would jerk them back and bring themselves forth and then those got pulled back and the vicious cycle continued. These have to be my memories, she thought to herself.

She certainly didn’t think they were anything else. Ever since she learned that Kumud had been around her far longer than she could actually remember, she’d done everything to pry the memories free. First it was Drystan who was erased from her memory and now she found out her sister, too, had been erased. Why? What was so important about these two people that Ser Parzival felt the need to erase them from her mind.

The more she thought about it, the more voices came to her and the more they screamed at her. Ever since Drystan proposed, she couldn’t help but feel it had all happened before but not quite in the same way. The letter from her mother stated that she wanted them to be married, that it was his father’s last wish, which was why she entrusted him with the magick in the first place. Did her mother talk about it with her? Did she consent?

Her chest heaved as tears rolled down her cheeks and onto her dress. Whatever the case was, she knew what she wanted to do. She wanted to fulfill her mother’s dream and it was more than obedience and love for her mother. In some strange twist of events, she began to fall in love with Drystan, too. She just hoped these memories would resurface so she could know she was making the right decision. What if there was something bad about Drystan in one of her memories and Ser Parzival erased it? What if there was more to this than it seemed? What if… Please! she screamed at the voices. Have mercy on me!

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