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OCtober 2020 Day 1: Sunrise

As promised! Here is the first post from OCtober! I will upload posts from Writetober 2020!

Within these prompts, you will learn more about my characters and what happens behind scenes. These are not deleted scenes, in fact they are totally new and completely for the prompts! So without further adieu, here is Day 1: Sunrise!


Day 1: Sunrise

Kumud gripped the thick, white marble rail of her new balcony. It overlooked the garden she used to frolic in when she was a child, long before she was made prisoner in her own castle. Her long dark hair swayed in the light breeze and her skin soaked up every ounce of air it could. She hadn’t felt this free in ages.

She had been standing here for what seemed like hours, not wanting to miss her very first sunrise in years. It was the only way she could feel close to her mother again. When she was a child, her mother would tell her stories of explosions in the sky while the gods played and smiled down on them. As the sun rose every morning, her mother would have a new tale to tell and she never seemed to run out of them. Kumud was suspicious that her mother was making them up but after recent events, she saw the truth in it.

At one time or another, the gods must have walked the land with all the other magickal creatures. Why else would Rhys have come to them when summoned? The sky turned a dusty pink and snapped her attention back to the present and why she was standing here and who she was standing with: her childhood friend, Saggitarius. She was elated to have the goblin by her side after years of being separated from him. Her memories of their childhood together were now snippets and fragments thanks to Ser Parzival, but at least they were making new ones.

“When was the last time we did this?” Kumud’s voice was barely above a whisper, she didn’t want to ruin the peaceful silence, but she also really wanted to know. Maybe Saggitarius could jostle her memory.

“A few mornings before they took you away,” he responded. “Your mother sat with us in the garden and told us a story of a great battle.” His eyes were wide and Kumud knew he must have been lost in that memory.

“I guess she wasn’t too far from the truth.” Kumud shrugged.

“I guess she wasn’t,” the goblin agreed. “I am thankful I get to watch the sunrise with you. I missed you terribly and there wasn’t a thing I could do to get you back. I really thought you were dead!”

Kumud smiled but it didn’t reach her eyes. She disliked remembering all that she had been through but, she supposed, she would be like the sunrise and start new every morning just as it was doing right now. It spilled over the mountain range in the distance as if it were juice spilled from a child’s glass and the pink hues in the sky were the child’s embarrassment creeping up their innocent face. The rays gave life to everything around them, the way she wanted to give life to everyone around her. The castle had been on edge for far too long. Just as the sunrise jubilated her, she would do the same for everyone else.

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