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OCtober Day Five: Beloved

Drystan lay in his borrowed bed and stared at the ceiling. It had been years since he had been this close to her and yet they were so far apart. Just mere years ago, they had spent two weeks together, laughing, teasing, riding horses. Now they were complete strangers. It was like she didn’t know him at all. Remember to be delicate with her but treat her the same way. Help my daughter remember. 

Gods help him, he was trying. He talked to her the same way he normally would have. He even asked her to meet in her father’s study to help jog her memory. But something was terribly wrong. Her mother was right. It was one thing to take memories from someone but to not have anything be able to jog them. Ser Parzival must have done more than erase the memories. He wanted to get to the bottom of it but how? 

She didn’t remember anything: not their time together as children, not their time together as teenagers, and certainly not the fact that they were meant to be married. That’s it! If I could propose to her, maybe she would remember! But how could he with everything going on? There never seemed to be a right time for anything. He didn’t want her to feel as though he was taking advantage of her vulnerability and the situation she was faced with. 

It was so unlike him to feel anything so strongly and yet for Aymeri, he felt everything and more. This was exactly what his mother told him love would feel like. She warned that it could be consuming but she also told him how riveting it would be. He wanted no harm to come to his beloved but he knew she was strong and would be able to get through it all. He wanted to fight beside her and see it through. 

Their parents would have wanted the same.

A light knock sounded on his door and his heart plunged into his stomach. Breathe. If only knew how...

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