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15 More Days!

15 days left to preorder The Cursed Kingdom for $0.99 and receive a free gift!

After release day, the price raises to $2.99!


The Cursed Kingdom Book 3


Empress Dimia wants nothing more than to claim the dark magick she had sought her entire life. She believes the war is finally coming to an end, when it takes a turn for the worse.

Dimia is imprisoned by Aymeri, who refuses to see reason, and the dark magick within her threatens to end her life as it brings forth a danger neither of them anticipate.

Will Dimia die at the hands of Queen Aymeri, or will the Queen finally see reason and allow Dimia to claim the magick and become its vessel?

Preorder today to claim a free gift. Screenshot your purchase and email it to along with your mailing address and Kindle Email Address.

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